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Involuntary retirement may be perceived as voluntary however if you are still able to perform substation work, you may qualify for unemployment benefits.  Your employer may attempt to say that your retirement is voluntary.  Make sure that you provide your employer with any evidence that you have that proves that you were retired.  You should […]


If your hours have been reduced, you are only partially employed.  You may still be able to receive unemployment benefits during this status.  If your hours are reduced and your income is reduced by twenty percent or more, it is most like a legally sufficient especially when it is coupled with a less favorable shift […]


Plan of Attack Layoffs usually come from a downsize or restructure of the company you work for.  Depending on the type of business your employer is in, there may be many different buyouts.  Some will reduce the staff and may put you in a situation of being laid off or even a reduction of hours.  […]

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